NPB Solvent Transfer Pumps

Easily and effortlessly transfer nPB solvent into and out of your Vapor Degreaser:

Our customers find it easier and more efficient to use a solvent transfer pump to fill the vapor degreaser from a 55-gallon, 600 lb drum. Solvent drum pumps minimize accidental spillage and reduce worker solvent exposure. Drum pumps also make it easier to clean out your vapor degreaser, by enabling you to easily transfer solvent out of the vapor sump back into a drum.

Solvent Transfer Pump features:

  • Our pumps have a 42 inch stem
  • Made of stainless steal and solvent compatible components.
  • These pumps are designed for compatibility with halogenated solvents.
  • We also provide 10 feet of hose and a wall mount bracket for easy hose storage.
  • Your choice of electrically or pneumatically driven motor
  • Processes 25 gallons per minute

Always in stock – just give us a call for price.

Reliance Specialty Products, Inc. is a full service vapor degreasing solvent and equipment manufacturer. We have an excellent technical staff, on-staff chemists, and a team of vapor degreasing engineers with expertise in refrigeration and vapor degreasing operations. We manufacture a large line of eco-friendly, non-chlorinated nPB-based solvents, We also have a large inventory of refurbished vapor degreasers with replacement parts and supplies in stock.