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EnTron Aerosol
Non-Flammable Critical Cleaning Solvent

Powerful degreasing spray solvent that is non-flammable, non-chlorinated (use to replace TCE), with fast evaporation and no residue.
Use for cleaning oxygen valves, fittings, tubes, electric motors, power tools, printing presses, generators and most metals including stainless steel, nickel, zinc, copper, brass, titanium, aluminum and tin.

Low Residue Non-flammable Solvent in Spray Cans for Critical Cleaning Applications Entron Aerosol

  • Extremely Low Residue
  • Strong Cleaning Solvent
  • High Dielectric
  • Non-Flammable
  • Fast Evaporating
  • Non-Chlorinated
  • Meets ASTM D 6368

EnTron Aerosol Cleans Oxygen Valves and Much More

EnTron Aerosol is an excellent solvent for use in cleaning oxygen valves, fittings, tubes, pipeline segments, and any other application where surfaces need to be verifiably clean, without leaving a residue.

Now Available in Convenient Spray Cans

EnTron Aerosol is available in 12 oz. spray cans for ease of use, and targeted cleaning applications. Sold in 12 can cases, the spray cans make available a strong cleaning solvent for field applications and other cleaning situations where larger quantities are prohibitive and unmanageable.

Use EnTron Aerosol As a Degreaser on Most Metals

Use EnTron Aerosol to clean and degrease electric motors, power tools, printing presses, generators, and most metals including stainless steel, nickel, zinc, copper, brass, titanium, aluminum, and tin plate. Note: EnTron Aerosol is not compatible with some plastics; it is the responsibility of the user to check for plastic compatibility before using the product.

EnTron Aerosol Is a Powerful Cleaning Solvent

EnTron Aerosol has been tested and shown to exhibit very low non-volatile residue.

EnTron Aerosol exhibits a high dielectric strength and can be used in the cleaning of low-voltage sensor and control connections in refineries and control boxes.

Worker-Friendly, Environmentally Friendly

EnTron Aerosol is n-propyl bromide based, which means it is an excellent cleaning alternative to chlorinated based products like TCE, 1 1 1 TCA, PERC, and Methylene Chloride (MC). It is also an effective alternative to fluorinated based products.

EnTron Aerosol is non-flammable and non-chlorinated.

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EnTron Aerosol

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