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N-Propyl Bromide (nPB)

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Our EnTron-Aero, GenTech, and EnTron n-propyl bromide (nPB) based solvents are advanced non-chlorinated, non-flammable solvents, ideal for cleaning a broad range of common manufacturing contaminants, including greases, lubricants, and fluxes. Contact us today for a free test sample.

The health, safety, environmental, and performance benefits of n-propyl bromide as a solvent for industrial applications was first realized in 1995. Since then, n-propyl bromide has progressively gained adoption for industrial use to replace trichloroethylene (TCE), methylene chloride, 1,1,1 trichloroethane (TCA), and perchloroethylene (PERC). This is due to the similar performance characteristics and more favorable health and safety profile.

Advantages of N-Propyl Bromide

n propyl bromide

Advantages of Working with Reliance

Most experienced staff of experts in the n-propyl bromide solvent industry. Many of our staff were involved in the research and pioneering of n-propyl bromide and have over 50 years of combined research, and direct practical field experience. We are experts in vapor degreasing, ultrasonic cleaning, extraction, and flushing techniques, as well as deposition and carrier applications. Our technical support and testing programs facilitate a seamless switchover for your specific application.

High quality, always in stock n propyl bromide. Not all n propyl bromide is the same quality; nor are the other components used in our competitors formulations. We pride ourselves on the quality of our base materials, which among other exacting internal specifications also conform to the ASTM D6368-06 specification for n-propyl bromide compositions.

Buy direct, as we are the manufacturers. We manufacture and quality control our products in-house in accordance with our strict quality assurance process. Whether you are a customer using our EnTron-Aero BAC5408, EnTron Critical Cleaning Solvent, GenTech General Vapor Degreasing and Precision Cleaning Solvent, or one of our carrier or custom blends, you can be assured of our quality and our commitment to supporting our product in the field.

Solvent is Always in Stock. We know keeping your production lines up and running is of the utmost importance. Therefore, we are careful to keep a quantity of solvent in inventory. Between our excellent, reliable vendor relationships garnered over the years, and our commitment to carrying stock in inventory, we have solvent when you need it and it usually ships the same day the order is placed.

We know Vapor Degreasing. Although our nPB solvents are used in a variety of cleaning situations from cold wiping large jet engine parts to ultrasonic immersion, EnTron-Aero, GenTech, and EnTron are especially effective in vapor degreasing equipment applications. As we have refurbished and sell a wide range of vapor degreasing equipment from Branson to Baron Blakeslee, we have developed a unique expertise helping customers use our solvent in many different vapor degreasing applications.

Excellent Customer Support and Service. When you call, we personally answer the phone. We work hard to get you the solvent quickly and efficiently and answer all of your questions.

We offer a variety of container sizes. Whether you need a bottle or a tanker of solvent, we can provide you a container that fits your needs. EnTron and GenTech solvent come in 4 and 16 oz bottles and 1, 5, 30 and 55 gallon drums. And if you need we can arrange bulk quantities.

Industry Approved. Reliance solvent have been approved by Boeing & Rolls Royce.

Proprietary n-Propyl Bromide Product Lines

Our EnTron products are non-flammable azeotropes manufactured for critical applications where achieving virtually zero residue is a necessity. These products are kept to an extremely tight specification to ensure repeatability in the most critical cleaning applications. EnTron products are extensively used in the electronics industry in the manufacture of printed circuit boards (PCB's), in precision vapor degreasing and ultrasonic cleaning of complex parts and electronic assemblies, in flushing compressed gas systems and oxygen components, precision optics applications, extraction testing including asphalt extraction, and in NDT testing, among other applications. EnTron, EnTron-CE (critical electronics), and EnTron-AE (asphalt extraction solvent) are stock items and typically ship the same day.

Our GenTech product line is also non-flammable and features formulations with extended-bath life and enhanced cleaning performance for demanding applications typical in metal fabrication, masking, and pre-treatment applications. GenTech is highly effective in cleaning organic contaminants such as oils, greases, lubricants, coolants, drawing fluids, adhesives, waxes, and flux residue. In terms of bath life and cleaning efficacy, try GenTech. It will outperform the best of our competitors. All of our GenTech products are stock items and typically ship the same day.

N-Propyl Bromide for Industrial Applications

N-Propyl Bromide cannot be used as a neat component for any industrial application. It needs to be formulated to inhibit corrosion of ferrous and white metals, inhibit hydrolysis, achieve and sustain an azeotrope in reflux applications, and achieve compatibility with other components in carrier and other deposition applications. In addition, in many applications various ingredients and application methods will greatly enhance the performance of the n-propyl bromide composition and enhance the useful life of the product. We are experts in these matters and support our customers' use of the product throughout its entire life cycle: from the initial consideration and pilot testing, to full production implementation, followed by in-house solvent maintenance with our custom Solvent Test Kits, and finally to disposal with our Spent Solvent Disposal Program.

Custom Formulation

Reliance Free Sample

Custom formulation of n-propyl bromide is achieved based on your needs and accomplished and quality controlled at our manufacturing facility in Illinois. If you have a specialized application that requires a custom formulation, our chemical / technical staff will design a custom formulation to meet the specific demands of your application.

Toll Blending and Private Labeling

If you have a formulation that you desire to have blended for you and to a specific quality specification, we regularly provide these services and provide all of the necessary analytical data for you to have confidence in the quality of the product for your customer or for use in your application.

Technical Data

Our web site contains basic technical and performance data concerning our EnTron-Aero, EnTron, and GenTech product lines to get you started in your consideration of our products. Comparisons to TCE, TCA, DCM, and PERC, extensive physical characteristics, compatibility with plastic, metal, elastomers, and Pratt & Whitney test standard results are all available.

Technical Support, Samples, and Validation Testing

Our technical personnel would be happy to assist you in exploring which of our proprietary products would be most appropriate to your company's application, equipment, cleaning, throughput objectives, and regulatory requirements.

We provide the following tools to help you evaluate our products:

For More Information or Assistance

We would be happy to answer your questions, provide further information, and help you explore whether n-propyl bromide is a viable alternative for your application. Contact us today!

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